Next Survivor Affiliate Program



$3.4 EPC | 12% CR | 0% Refunds


From the 1st to the end of each month, our top 10 affiliates will win the following prizes:

#1 $15,000
#2 $10,000
#3 $5,000
#4 $5,000
#5 $5,000
#6 to #10 $2,000 each


*a minimum of 200 sales is required.


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Best Commission!

You will get 75% commission for every single sale you make!

Incredible Conversion Rate!
Our top affiliates are having up to 12% conversion rate!

Highest EPC in The Market!
Next Survivor has up to $3.4 EPC which is the highest in the survival niche!

Marketing Approach
Our push-to-buy strategy will leave the visitors you send to our website with no other choice then ordering the Next Survivor hence giving you a commission of $20!


Our affiliates our partners, we work hard to apply to your queries and assure the best results for you! Your success is ours!

Monthly Contest

There's no better way to reward our partners for their hard work then cash! Every month you can win a total of $50,000!

Smart Resources
Our team worked hard on writing and creating the most sophisticated materials that will help you get the best results you can.



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Subject: Worst case scenario



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